Flatbush Emergency

Flatbush Emergency Plumbing is a family owned and operated business specializing in residential plumbing, heating, cooling, drain cleaning, electrical, indoor air quality and appliance repair services. We are an organization which bases our growth and future on a set of core values that include; trust based relationships, high ethical standards and providing superior customer service at all times. When you have multiple repairs that need to be done in your home, think of One Company and make One Call to Flatbush Emergency Plumbing. Our business has been designed around making the lives of our customers easier, more enjoyable and stress free. We offer more services under one roof than our competitors so you don’t have to waste time finding a qualified contractor for each and every repair in your home. Just call us. We’ll handle every repair with the utmost professionalism and respect for your family and your home


Residential remodeling

All remodeling projects require wisdom to know how to integrate the new with the existing and how to do it most effectively. Our customers benefit greatly by having our experienced, knowledgeable professionals on the job and monitoring the progress from multiple perspectives. Whether it's a plumbing, heating or cooling issue, we know how to combine the best existing elements of the project and introduce new, updated portions as required.

Flatbush Emergency Plumbing is a great resource for any remodeling situation, whether it is a commercial project or an individual home. Flatbush Emergency Plumbing team uses their experience in planning, designing, installing and servicing your systems. This ensures you that we are taking the right steps to have your remodeling project meet all of your expectations. No matter what your situation is, we have the skill, experience and the breadth of knowledge to efficiently plan and manage your project.